Bruce Jarrell's Art and Pioneering Forging Methods using Thin Tubing.


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A Special Announcement:   Comments from Bruce concerning his acceptance into the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft show.


Art of Tube ForgingAn essay, with photos of 18 works of art (some of which have an adjoining source of inspiration), written by Bruce that reveals his thoughts about himself, his art and the breakthroughs that lead him to this level of achievement.


Journey to the Present:  Memories provided by Dave Hammer... providing details about how he and Bruce met and eventually collaborated to design and build the power hammers Bruce uses.


Power Hammers:  Descriptions of the power hammers Bruce uses to forge thin tubing.  


Resource Book:  An introduction to the book Bruce has written.

The Art of Forging Tube by Bruce Jarrell and David Hammer

   Forward by Peter Renzetti


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Art Show

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