Things I have forged...



Candle Holder....  My favorite.  I named it "Dilbert"


Steel Bowl.. About 8" across.  Pressed from 1/4" steel plate

Candle Holder.  About 20 inches tall

Bending Forks


Snake forged using a farrier's rasp

Christmas Ornament.  Forged from horseshoe nail.


Stamp for marking work



Steel Guitar.  It plays.


Steel forged into wrought iron hatchet


Super C Forge...  There are videos on YouTube showing how to build this.


Tongs for holding hot steel



Pickup Tongs



Treble Clef Candle Holder


 Treble Clef.  Pressed into 1/4" plate.  About 3 x 5 inches

 Bowl.  Made by pressing 5" diameter pipe..  Bottom welded in.


Treble Clef Pendant.  Forged using a horseshoe nail.


 Treble Clefs.  18" down to 4"


Trellis.  Largest forging.  About 11 feet tall


Top of Trellis Detail.  Wren. 


 Violin (plays) and Stand


Welcome Sign.  First project beyond hooks and leaves.



 Wine Bottle Holder.  Made with highly refined wrought iron (etched with acid)


Poorly refined wrought iron.



 Candle Holder.  Medium refined wrought iron


Bowl.  Pressed 1/4" steel plate.  About 8" square


 More Pressed Bowls  (and a blank)


Bracelets.  Forged from architectural bronze



 Wall Plaque...  About 22" wide.  The branch is forged from a single bar (1/2 by 1 inch cross section)


Propane Forge Burner.  Instructions to make this is on YouTube.


Butterfly.  Forged using 3/4" bar.  About 2 feet tall.


Airplane.  12'" long.  Design by an Ukraine blacksmith.


 Candle Holder...  About 12" long


Candle Holder...  About 24" tall.  Set of two sizes.


 Candle Holder.  About 10" tall


 Candle Holder.  About 16" tall.


 Candle Holder.  About 26" tall

Candle Holder.  About 12" tall

Candle Holder.  12" tall

Candle Holder.  12" wide.


Axe.  Forged from a farrier's rasp.


Candle Holder.   10" tall.

Candle Holder.  16" tall.

Candle Holder.  Rubic's twist.  7" tall.

Clock.  1/4" plate.  6" each side.


Coffee Grinder Handle.  Quarter for scale.

Cresent Wrench pressed into steel block.  3" hex.


Cross with marble.  6" tall

Small Crosses and Leave key fobs.

Axe with filing.  Forged from 2 Farrier's rasps.

Damascus  (Layered steel)

Damascus (layered steel) Pendants   About 1 inch

Dove.  Forged using 3/4" square bar.  About 30"

Dragon in Granite.  About 8" long

Flower.  Repossee on 1/8" plate

Flux Spoon  18" with basket twist handle

Fork and Spoon.   About 12 inches.

Freeform Propane Forge

French Horn.  About 24"


French Horn with Score

Guitar.  About 30 inches (does not play)

Base Clef


Hammer I named Bulldog

Hat Tree.  Largest hat is about 4.5 inches

Hat.  About 4 inches

Highly Refined Wrought Iron Hatchet....

Poor Wrought Iron Hatchet with steel bit


Leaf Head Hook

Spoon forged from Horseshoe Nail    Storyboard

Jingle Bell   Forged from 3/16" steel plate

Three Prong Bending Forks

Leaf and Key.    Key is 32" long.

Knives I forged.  I traded the top one for a Dan Boone dragon...  Woopee!

Wrought Iron Key Fob (Acid etched)

Steel Leaf.  12" long.

Another Large Leaf.  I forged this on with the Fairbanks 150.


Wrought Iron Leaf and a piece of the wrought iron I forged it from (Medium grade wrought)

Medals I made for Grandkids birthday party

Lizard.  About 8 inches long.


Viking Ship...  Ukraine blacksmith basic design with many upgrades.


New York Skyline I made for a grandson.


Damascus Pendant.  1 inch

Cowboy Hat   About 6 inches

Pressing Pipe



Forged Gun Barrel (Colonial days style forging).  Made from a wagon tire.   Very highly refined wrought iron.


Fire  Poker


Cooking Utinsils


Repoussee Class Projects.  14 gauge metal


Steel Bowl.  Forged using my 50-ton press.

Rings forged using horseshoe nails.  Elliot school project.


Small Rose forged using 1/2" square bar...


Rubics Twists..  About 6" tall

Serpent.  First project forged on Bradley Upright Compact.


Devon's Shield (Close, but not completed)

Dragon in Granite....  Forged  using 5/8" square bar..


That's all for now...

















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